He’s Back!

Click for Larger ImageInner Sleeve is back on the business map in downtown Wausau.  The setting is still a bit spartan, but the energy is already there, just in time for your last minute Christmas shopping.  When I was in there yesterday, several customers were purusing the new and used CDs, and Mike was working the phones helping people with special orders.  From the looks of things, Inner Sleeve still has the best selection of punk rock in the area (OK, maybe that doesn’t take much in Wausau!)

Mike expressed deep gratitude and a bit of amazement for all of the benefits that were held on his behalf over the past several months.  It was once said of the Velvet Underground that they “didn’t sell many records, but everyone who bought one formed a band.”  Perhaps the something similar is true of Inner Sleeve, although I doubt that everyone who bought a record there formed a band.   But it seems that everyone that formed a band values an independent record store.

And well they should.  Independent media is becoming more and more rare in this country.  And yes, recorded music is independent media.  So, just in time for Christmas, you have a chance to support indy media.  Go down and say “Hi” to Mike and reform an old acquaintance.  Or maybe make a new one.  And buy a couple of stocking stuffer CDs while you are there.

In fact, Bob Dylan’s “Time’s They are a Changin”” album is  perhaps not the absolute best of his early work, but it better than 99% of what has come out in the past year or so.  Maybe that is a place to start.

Here in Wausau, things change, but they also stay the same.  A big hearted community effort helped to keep Mike in business downtown.  I think that is a very “Wausau” thing.  And I hope that will not change.  Good luck Mike!


2 responses to “He’s Back!

  1. Sorry to scoop you Dino 🙂 Of course your article had actual information in it, so I guess it was not a complete scoop. 🙂

  2. Things happen brah

    My story was no more my story

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