Cynicism? We Don’t Need No Steenking Cynicism!

Eds Note: Dino sent this along yesterday, but WordPress ate it, so here it is again. Some nice sunny optimism for the coming of winter.

It’s the middle of the night, and I have been catching up on my Wausaublog reading. I thought I would change the pace just a little bit. I am often confronted with this amazing cynicism in this city of ours, and I never ever feel that way. At least not about our town. Our town is a place of amazing possibilities. With some amazing philanthropists, a pretty cool mayor, and a City Council that has open and active debate at their meetings. We have a new wave of restaraunts, some great shopkeepers, and a community that will respond when one of its own is in a spot of trouble.

Though it was not where I wanted to to go, I think it is time to reflect upon the community’s saving grace in regards to Inner Sleeve records. Mike and his family are on the verge of opening the store. I know this because I bumped into him when my mother and I were Christmas shopping. Mike was taking his opening lap of the downtown shops, and was in great spirits. My Mom, who had met Mike 100 times or more, stood and talked to Mike for a while. It made me feel like a child in a lot of ways, but it was cool to see people I like a lot talking and getting to know one another.

From what I understand there have been at least a dozen performances where the performance fees have been donated to Mike. People ranging from John Altenburg to All Fear Aside, all handed Mike their fees. Every local band gave Mike their support, and shops from around town stepped up. I know that Sound World gave Mike a gift, a new laptop was donated, Z104 got a ton of things…Einstein PCS donated a free phone for a year to Mike. Way to go Wausau.

The reason this post came to me was when I was at the Aspirus YMCA tonight. The cool thing about coming back to the town you grew up in is seeing people years later. In high school I was a few years younger than Brian Letarski. He was on the basketball team, a cool dude. I did not know him at all, and honestly still do not. But now I know his work. Brian is a contractor. He builds things. Houses. And Brian takes chances. A few years ago Brian took the time and resources to build a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired house.

See this article.

The amazing thing about this is the act of choice, and the empowered design elements in a Wausau families life. When you think about your living space, how many of us can honestly say that the lines and the things in our space our thought out that well. Sure I buy furniture with an idea in mind, but honestly not like Brian discusses here.

So, how great is the fact that some cat like this is from our town, in our town, and building in our town? Way to go Brian. (If anyone asks, I won’t ever mention that “band” you were in at a dance, it was the 80’s).

Just recently we had our first Wausau Area Events event with the new staff in place. Kari and Leah have been spending there time getting to know how the particular intricacies of our fine city work. And they came out of the box with a great event.

The amazing thing about these two ladies, is their age. Both are under 30, and that is a real brave move from our Wausau Area Events board. To bring in young people, like they did, is a real signal to the greater community that we are serious about reversing the trend of our smart high school kids leaving, and never coming back. So a big atta boy to Wausau Area Events.

I want to thank Leah and Kari for coming in, and want to offer my support for anything that you ladies come up with. I believe that you all will do great. My only suggestion is to connect with young folks in a real way.

So there you go, its a great day. Its a new generation in our fine city.


One response to “Cynicism? We Don’t Need No Steenking Cynicism!

  1. I was extremely happy to help out Mike at The Labpr Temple show, the music was fantastic, the public outpour of well wishes was something to behold and everyone really seemed to have a great time while donating their hard earned money to see Mike get Innersleeve back up and running. It was refreshing to see the people get behind sometyhing for a change instead of having a negaitve attitude towards a city subject.

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