New Pages

For those of you who may have not noticed, WordPress has a very neat feature that I often forget about.  It allows you to create static pages, those would be the links across the top of the main page here.  And I am adding two more pages for your amazement and amusement.

The first is one I should have done a long time ago, a local business showcase.  Basically it is links to local business that have some kind of internet presence.  Putting them on the page rather than the blogroll allows a banner or graphic link or a little more description, so I think that is a good thing.  If you have any suggestions for businesses that should go in the showcase, feel free to drop a comment in the box, either here or on the showcase page.

The second page is really for you, the reader, to fill in.  It would be great if you would take a moment and tell everyone what you like about living in Wausau or Central Wisconsin.  As we move into winter, generating some positive warm feelings is a very good thing, I do believe.

So, do your part Wauvillians and tell everyone what is great about our hometown, both in the way of local businesses and in general.


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