The Season Officially Begins

Click for Larger ImageThe Christmas season officially got underway here in Wausau with the lighting of the City Christmas Tree on the 400 block Friday night following the annual Christmas parade. Personally, I love the Christmas parade (even though it is usually colder than…well, pick your favorite joke here). Even the places that are just driving the company truck in the parade have to decorate it up to be seen. One of my pet peeves is parades where half the “floats” are simply some vehicle with a logo on it honking its horn. It looked as though actually handing candy to the kids was working out OK as well. It probably really was pretty darn dangerous to have kids scrambling for candy in the street after dark.

Click for Larger ImageUnfortunately the parade is devilishly difficult to take pictures of, so here are a few snaps from the tree lighting.

Click for Larger Image

Oh yeah! The Mayor was there as well and I finally found an event that he doesn’t wear dark shades at!


One response to “The Season Officially Begins

  1. The Mayor is cool

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