Pictures and more pictures

I actually didn’t know what I was starting when I decided that the Wausaublog needed a photo or two to spruce things up and show what we really look like.  Bascially, Tom (who is like a brother to me) has gone competely nuts.  He filled up the free Flickr account (200 photos) in a couple of months.  Since he filled it, I have been dithering over what to do.  And now I have come to some decisions (better late than never!)

The easy one is to keep using the Flickr account for most of the photos for the blog.  Most of the current event photos have a limited shelf life and the fact that they are no longer visible on the site is not a great hinderance and having the last few pictures uploaded to the Flickr page show up on the blog automatically is a nice benefit.  So we will keep doing that.

But I also could not help but notice that once in a while there is a photo that seems deserving of a bit longer shelf life, and perhaps a little nicer presenation than Flickr gives.  So, I have opened another photoblog page on another service.  And I have two really nice ideas that I hope will work together.  First, here is the location of the second, more permanent photo page.

I saw a nifty idea over on Flickr, a guy has challenged himself to take 365 self portraits, one a day for a year.  But I think we can get by with a little less. 🙂  In the spirit of the Friday Dudley, I am announcing the CW360.  A “self portrait” of Central Wisconsin (almost) every day.  I will not only put those pictures on the new Shutterchance site, but I will also be replacing the “Leaf-O-Meter” (yes, I know, I should have fixed that weeks ago!) with the daily picture.

And you can get involved with the CW360 as well!  If you chance upon a nice shot, or even if you hunt one down very carefully, why not take a moment to email it to me and I will feature it on the blog.  Send those emails to  If you have your own blog or photo site and would like to leave your picture there, simply email me the link, and I can handle the rest.

And if appearing in the Wausaublog is not  enough glory for you, I got an email the other day from Pat over at the City Pages on a very similar subject.  Here is what Pat had to say:

City Pages is inviting anyone interested in photography in the area to submit photos for possible use in the paper’s p.3 feature called Scenes or “pic of the week.”

You’ve probably all noticed the photos. The idea is to have a photo that is current, somehow pertinent to the greater Wausau area, preferably of something public or visible from a public place.

There’s no money involved, but they will give photo credit, unless you prefer anonymity.

E-mailed photos are preferred.  They can be sent to         Thanks.

So there are two ways to photographic glory.  Get those digital cameras working and lets show the world Wausau and Central Wisconsin’s best side.


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