Not So Bad After All

I used to feel vaguely uncomfortable about my life, that perhaps I was missing something, that maybe there was more that I could do in this world. But after this weekend, my view has brightened considerably.PS 3 Sneak Peak

On Friday I was running an errand for a friend of mine, an I noticed a bunch of people camping out in front of Best Buy. “Strange place for a campout…” I mused and wondered if it might be some kind of publicity stunt. You see, this is what happens when you learn about the world just by walking around like I do, major media blitzes have no impact whatsoever. Later, I was over by Target and there were people camping out there too. So, I investigated a bit, and when the truth was revealed, I just had to laugh.

These poor people camped out three days — three days wasted — so they could get their hands on a video game system. So they could waste more of their time more effectively. What seemed even worse to me was the ages of the people in “line.” They were not (for the most part) teenagers. Nary a high school student there. But they also did not appear to be old enough to be the parents of kids old enough to care about such things. So, these 20 somethings, in the prime of their lives had nothing better to do than stand in line for a video game system. Wow. Quite astonishing to me really.

Oh and there was one more thing. It seemed that at each store there were maybe 20 or so people camping out. So unless the stores were only getting say, three of the things, showing up first thing Sunday morning would have done just fine. On the other hand, considering that in some other cities, there were fights and even gunshots over this stupid thing, overall Wausau seems to rank quite high on the sanity scale, so we can all be glad for that.

Or if they were really in the know, like the leader of this organization to which I belong, they could have gotten an advance sale on the thing anyway.

So, even if you are grinding away in the office Monday morning, at least you can work secure in the knowledge that your life has plenty of meaning to it. Well, at least compared to some other folks. 😉


3 responses to “Not So Bad After All

  1. Not that I’m a gamer or anything, but at least it’s something to do.
    Some folks spend a three day weekend in the UP, camping out and telling stories. Who are we to put down those who would choose to camp out in front if Best Buy instead?
    Truly though, I do think that Target woud be a better place to camp out in front of that Dudley Tower. Just saying.
    Betcha they’ve got some interesting stories to tell about the experience when it’s all said and done. I’d like to hear them. It’s culturally relative.

    But here’s the thing: gaming might not be such a waste of time after all. Seems that it might just build valuable skills – much sought after in the [urban] workplace.

    In fact, it might just spur a revolution.

    Check it, it’s not just me:

    Personally, I wouldn’t do it for a game system. Nor would I do it for a political candidate.
    Hmm, there’s no cause that immediately comes to mind at all for which I would choose to camp out in such an uncomfortable and unlovely place for. But hey. Who am I to say?

    And if I found one, I don’t know that I could get off of work for that length of time.
    What a luxury.

  2. I know people who spend hundreds of dollars tricking a dear into walking in front of there gun…then shooting the deer. They buy food, and night vision camera, and expensive guns…then take time off from work, and leave there family…and try to kill another living thing.

    I think that the Bean is right, this is a culturally relative phenomenon. While I am not a game either, I do in fact see the significance for people.

    I think that what is of value for some, is not of value for others.

    I personally am willing to sacrifice my life, my job, my friends…for live music.

    I would stand in line for days for tickets to a concert…and I have.

    I think it would be interesting to put some thought into the things we would camp out for.

  3. Yeah, well most stores had a very limited supply of PS3’s, I think best buy had the most with 20, and on average the stores had only 5-6 of them.

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