How Can We Make Wausau Even Cooler?

Eds Note:  I got these comments in an email and decided that the questions were certainly worth considering in our little forum here.   How do you think the Wausau area could best move forward and now that we are “cool” stay that way?

The idea of a new city zoo has been being considered by the Wausau city council. Of course they hope that this would be a draw for residents and visitors alike. I have been to several city zoos this summer around the state, some were pretty tired others were great fun. Zoos can be a great addition to a city.

My question, however, is why doesn’t the council get behind some of the other great initiatives currently trying to get off the ground in Wausau? There is the Monk Gardens, which could include a Raptor Education Center in cooperation with the Raptor Eductaion Group out of the Antigo Area. The plans are there, the support is growing (sorry about the pun)- a push from the city would be great.

Another project working hard to get going is the WINDIAN center. A cultural center/museum that would include all the tribes of Wisconsin. A wonderful collaboration just waiting to get more support.

These projects are unlike others in the state, and are growing in support within the community. Maybe the council should focus on these initiatives and help make them happen.


3 responses to “How Can We Make Wausau Even Cooler?

  1. I’d say calling Wausau “cool” is a bit of a stretch. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy living here for many reasons, but we are not done yet. One of my suggestions is getting the offices off of 3rd Street (employment agency, financial planners, etc) and put them in office buildings. Then there would be more room for fun little shops and cafes. Perhaps they’d have so much business that they’d be open on Sundays!

    What is happening with WINDIAN?

  2. UWMC should be expanded to a 4 year college, and should offer its own collaborative nursing degree with NTC, as well as business, accounting, art, and english degrees, so that residents don’t have to leave Wausau, or suffer thru a distance education class to earn the degrees. Besides the expansion would keep more younger people in town, increase the creative/artistic impact that school has on the community, and foster greater development on Wausau’s near west side.

    If they build a zoo, it should be placed where the large industrial buildings currently exist in the area immediately behind Marathon Park, there are enough buildings to house the animals during the winter months, and there is a lot of room for expansion… I believe that the National Guard, or something is building a new location in Brokaw so they will be moving out soon.

    Manmade lake needs to have the water cleaned up, install a filter, and put in flush toilets. We don’t need an expensive swimming pool, the southern metro has already built 2 of them, I would much rather go swimming somewhere free. The lake is nice, the water just needs to be cleaner, and perhaps a few more fish could be added to balance the ecosystem of the lake.

    The large warehouse like office building across Third Street from the YMCA should be demolished and replaced with a mixed-use entertainment district/commercial/residential district. Perhaps a bowling alley, a pool hall, a 24 hour coffee house, a 24 hour restaurant, and upper level residential space in the form of condo’s as well as apartments.

  3. Matthew – very nice ideas. I especially like the 3rd Street suggestion. I have often thought the Graebel space would be a good place for a ramp – serving both the north end of downtown and the Y (instead of surface parking where the Emporium was located at 2nd and Scott).

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