Wausau Really is cool!

The folks down in the Southeastern corner of our state are finally figuring it out! According to this article (http://www.jsonline.com/story/index.aspx?id=529446) in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel they are being inspired by Wausau. A group came and experienced the downtown of Wausau, and they truly enjoyed the experience… now they want to be cool too! It is wonderful thing to be able to tell my older sisters from Waukesha County “I told you so!”- and the rest of those who believe civilization ends at Madison.


2 responses to “Wausau Really is cool!

  1. The article asks, “How did Wausau become so cool?” Personally, I think it is the Wausaublog. 😉

  2. Its the WNRB influence I think. That radio station is a visionary idea. Who would do such a thing?

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