Listen to Your Mother

Sometimes someone writes something where the thinking is so clear, so elegant and so simple that it cuts right through the mess — and I want to cut off my fingers because I didn’t think of it first.  Such was Mother Nurture’s column today in the City Pages.

She was asked about how to vote in the upcoming election on the constitutional amendment on gay marriage.  And she answered the question just fabulously, in a way that was wonderfully outside the box.  She said to vote against it, not because it is unfair (though she hinted that it is) but rather was being used as a political distraction.  The issue is on the ballot to get people out to vote for Governor, not really on its merits, she, in my estimation correctly explained.

She seemed to lean towards the notion that conservatives wanted this on the ballot to bring out their “base,” which is probably correct.  But it has also been reported that the Doyle campaign essentially counted on the “Be Fair, Vote No” crowd to be his shadow  ground forces.  It is a shame to see what should be an important issue (how people and families can relate to each other under the law) reduced to a political football.

So Mother is right, vote down the gay marriage amendment, and let’s then discuss the underlying issues at another time.

Mother didn’t deal with the death penalty referendum, but I do have a meager thought compared to her brilliant one.  If the referendum passes, most likely the group that pushes it over the top, as it were, will ironically be “pro-life” Christians.

It never ceases to amaze me that someone who feels so moved to put an “Abortion Stops a Beating Heart” bumpersticker on their van, can’t seem to see that an electric chair does too.

It seems to me that this referendum should be dead in the water.  If you figure that most Democratic type voters will vote against it and that something like the third to a half of Republican voters who do so because they are “pro-life” should vote against it, the thing should go down by a vote of 70-30 against — at least.  But the last article I saw on the subject showed support for the referendum running around 60 percent.  Amazing.

This one is so obvious that it doesn’t even count as elegant.  To vote “pro-life” you have to vote against the death penalty.

I hope that Mother Nurture would agree.  I know my mother would.


5 responses to “Listen to Your Mother

  1. Yes I do agree. I was thinging some what along these lines today………..Why are we making sinning politicaly correct?

  2. If the issues are entangled as you suggest, then the converse is also true…If you don’t have a moral issue with people choosing abortion, then you shouldn’t have a moral issue with the death penalty. But I’m going to paint liberals with a broad brush here and assume that most liberals don’t feel that way. But wait, then that would mean that the snuffing of young innocent lives is OK, but the snuffing of murderer’s lives is bad. Hmm…now I’m getting confused.

    But not confused enough to vote “Yes” on either initiative. Such a bad Republican!!

  3. Point taken. 🙂 But in this case the logical inconsistency of the “other” side is not really an issue. The Catholic Church (and many others, of course, see the October 24th Herald article) hold that “pro-life” (logically and consistently) means opposition to both abortion and the capital punishment. In this case, only capital punishment is on the ballot. The “pro-life” position should be to oppose it. If deluded, inconsistent liberals want to help the “pro-lifers” keep state sponsored death out of Wisconsin, I would think the “pro-lifers” would be pleased. I just find it interesting that this doesn’t seem to be the case at all among the general public.

  4. Yes, I find that interesting as well. Sometimes my fellow conservatives confound me. Especially lately, but that’s another post. At any rate, I’ll be doing the right thing tomorrow and voting no on the two referendums being pushed by the right. I think the votes on these two referendums are going to be close, and it’s going to be an interesting thing to watch. Thanks for your well-articulated thoughts.

  5. I agree with Mother’s opine , whoever s/he is, and why is Mother hiding his or her identity anyway?
    But also, this is about the House and Senate and regime change if possible, which I don’t think it is without a much Greener perspective. 2800 U.S. troops killed is death. Not just to them but to their families. In addition, the thousands more troops who will suffer physical and psychological trauma for years to come is a travesty, to say the least. As well as for the many thousands of Iraqi families who have suffered the same, and for what?
    For the prepsychotic nuts we “elect” to continue the same old, tired, useless, deadly war games?
    The European Union, comprised of countries who have been through centuries of bloodshed, will not allow a country to join THAT SUPPORTS THE DEATH PENALTY.
    Those caps were by mistake because I hit the wrong key, but I’m leaving it in.
    The issue for me is more about how to progress from here. How does a person, a group, or a country learn forgiveness and cooperation? How do we learn peace instead of war? That’s what this election’s all about to me, if the blasted thing isn’t rigged.
    BTW, I caught John Dean on, I think, C Span this past weekend and he was saying we’re edging closer to fascism. So then I thought, well, it’s a few hours to Canada, and we could escape there before we need a freaking passport in a couple of months.
    Habeas Corpus

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