Thriller is Here Again!


Just want to put in a quick update on “Thriller.” I should say, first of all, I might be a bit biased being that I am related to one of the dancers in the show, but you can take that for what it is worth.

The show was great this year, the pacing and timing were quite snappy. There were two absolutely show stealing dances. The first was by the youngest class of dancers who were dressed as ghosts and did their dance in the glow of a black light. The choreography was as cute as the costumes, and had several funny moments. Although the dancers in this number were around six years old they pulled it off beautifully.

Olivia Hagen as the Bride of FrankensteinAt the other end of the scale in many ways, the other show stopper in my estimation was the “Bride of Frankenstein” dance featuring Patrick Kaspar as Franky and Olivia Hagen as his “bride.” They started off dancing in a humorously monsterous way, but things soon got out of control. In the middle of the dance, Franky drops his poor bride — who immediately joins the Choir Invisible. Franky finishes the dance with the limp, lifeless body of his bride. Sounds a bit ghoulish, perhaps, but it was actually quite funny, and Olivia showed absolutely remarkable physical skill — just by playing dead! It was one of the few times that at the end of a dance I thought “How did she DO that??”

So kudos to the dancers and to the Wausau Dance Theater for another fun show!

Click for Larger ImageThe Wausau Dance Theater is once again presenting “Thriller: A Dance Spooktacular” at the Grand Theater, Saturday, October 28. Tickets are $12.50 for adults and $10.50 for students. Show times are 1:30 and 7:00 pm.

This is a show that really is for all ages. Each year we get a slight variation of some of the travels and travails of Count Dracula, and in between the bad puns are dance numbers that range from whimsical to sublime. It really is a very fun show. Seating is general admission, so even if you buy tickets at the door you can still get good seats.

If they open the balcony for seating, my daughter tells me that is the very best place to see the show from. It is true that the front section of the balcony at the Grand are actually quite good seats to see a show.

Before the early show, from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm, you can bring the kids down to Thrillville at the Grand Hall. There will be crafts, games, pumpkin decorating and other Halloween themed fun for the kids. There is no admission charge for Thrillville.

Hope to see you down there!Big Dance Number


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