The Great Big West

Eds Note:  Dino sent this dispatch from the lonesome west where he is one the raod with Scott Holt.

Hello home. I miss you all. I hear Inner Sleeve is close to being open.

Tonight I am in Laramie, Wy. A great college town. Actually a place where the kids can drink the Badgers under the table. I have never seen anything like it.

We were in Rock Springs, WY last night. And if you’re a weather watcher, you know that we drove through the first blizzard of the year this morning. A drive that should have taken three hours, took six. We counted 24 pile ups, one that had 112 vehicles involved. Being honest, I am a Wisconsin boy, and a truck owner and I would have not driven today.  But we had a gig, so it was off we go.

In Wyoming they have 20 foot tall wind and snowbreak fences for miles along the interstate. I thought we had weather, but we have nothing like this.

I miss you all.


One response to “The Great Big West

  1. Drive safe guys!

    I’ve been to Wyoming – I think they have drive-up windows at some bars. For serious.

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