The High Desert

Eds. Note:  Dino sent this dispatch from out on the road.

Hey everyone back at home…I wanted to slip something on this here dealy. I am in California for a few more days. I got to San Diego three days ago, and now I am in a place called Ridgecrest. It is my first time being this close to a Navy base. I think it is odd, because the base is in the high desert. It said something about armaments or something or other.

A bit ago we drove from Tuscon to San Diego. We came to border crossings twice, and the Border Police literally stood next to the car and asked the driver, “Are you all American Citizens?” to which we responded yes, and we were allowed to move along.

We drove next to the border, and saw nothing. It pretty much seems like so much ado about nothing. If something was crossing a fence or something, then send in the troops…but from what I can tell, you only need to walk across an unguarded street.

But really who cares.

The city of San Diego is amazing. We went to a Hawaiian Lunch joint, and loved it. I ate raw tuna, and hated it. But the pork dish I ate was earth moving.

Today we drove a few hours to the high desert of Ridgecrest. The desert is so amazing, and stark. If I go outside in the street I can turn 360 degrees and am surrounded by mountains.

More to come. Three days without internet is amazing.


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