At the moment, I don’t have a Friday Dudley due to some scheduling problems, but I did take a few snaps of the demolition of the Plaza Mall downtown to make way for the Palladian project. Now, I don’t know, I am just a guy who likes to take pictures, but I just don’t get how a city that is in debt and cannot pay its bills (apparently, from former news reports) can afford to hand out another half a million dollars to a bunch of rich guys. Now, the Herald seems to think that this is just ducky, and maybe it is. I am a firm believer that government certainly has a role in creating the conditions that will lead to a better quality of life, whether building roads and schools or subsidizing things that are needed, but lack a bit in economic feasibility. But it sure seems that that the city sure likes to subsidize new buildings over almost anything else. Could it be all the folks with real estate connections on the city council?

Anyway, here is what things looked like downtown on Wednesday.

Palladian Demolition — Click for Larger Image


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