Paws For Thought

Bob and NapoleunUpdated!The Marathon County Humane Society needs your help! They have a full house of kittens, puppies, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and pets of all sorts. Adoption is easy and the rewards are great. If a pet is not a viable option for you at this time, make a donation. They are in need of many items such as food, litter and treats. But they also need items you may have around the house like old towels (for cages) and pieces of unused fleece (for making toys). Take a look at their website to check what items are needed- Of course money is always a nice gift (it’s always the right size and color). Their website also features many of their animals that are ready to be adopted… how can you resist those cute little faces?

Editors Note: I had to update this post because today when I was grocery shopping I saw that the Schofield Quality Foods IGA is having a little fund raiser Yummm!for the Marathon County Humane Society. They are selling these lovely cupcakes , half a dozen for $2.99 with a hundred percent of the sales going to the Humane Society. So you get to get some delicious cupcakes and help out at the same time, is this a good deal or what? Hurry on down and help yourself and help the Humane Society.

Schofield IGA


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