Changes are Afoot

I just wanted to take a moment to alert my loyal readers that changes are afoot here on the Wausaublog.  I am hoping that these changes will make things bigger and better for both the blog and the Wausau community.

The biggest change is that I will be moving the blog to another hosting service.  If you are currently using as your bookmark, you won’t have to change a thing.  If you are using the longer wordpress address (I am not going to give now, I don’t want to confuse people!) you will need to change your bookmark.

I will be using WordPress on the new service, so the basic layout and functionality should not change, but there might be changes in comment procedures and such.  I hope there will not be too much disruption, and that the transition goes pretty smoothly.  Keep in mind, these changes have not happened yet, just in the planning stages, I will let everyone know when the change over is to take place.

One of the reasons for the change is to move the Wausaublog from being a hobby (which it is, believe it or not)  to a more journalistic endeavour.  Same great town, but a little bit deeper and more focused look, you might say.  And I hope that you will.

Stay tuned for further updates, both about the blog and about our wonderful little home town.


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