The Fairytale Ball

Click for larger imageThe Fourth Annual Fairytale Ball at the Marathon County Public Library has come and gone, and it seems like a wonderful time was had by all.

Regular readers here know that I am an enourmous fan of libraries and our library in particular, so it is particularly nice to be able to support the library in this special way. It is not often that a costume ball is a family event, but the library and their volunteers have managed this very well.

The library is decorated as a fantasy castle and both adults and children get into the spirit by donning costumes, generally of a very benevolent nature. Among the gentleman, young and old, swashbucklers and musketeers are popular, and are often accompanied by queens and princesses of various types. Some of the costumes are quite elaborate, while some, such as myself favor comfort over imagination.

Click for Larger ImageThe Mint Cafe catered the event in a fashion that, perhaps, tended to favor the younger guests, but was quite delicious. They put out some kind of pasta cole slaw (the best description I can come up with) that was absolutely fabulous, but the kids still seemed enthralled with the cookies with Disney pictures on them.

There were horse drawn carriage rides for those who felt that a nip in the air brings with it some romance. Inside music abounded with Linda Cannon, the Royal Harpist welcoming people to the event, the “Queen’s Recorder Consort” playing on the first floor and the Jeff Erickson Quartet providing jazz, both fast and slow for our dancing pleasure. You haven’t lived until you have seen a couple of first graders attempting their first ballroom dancing experience.

Add to all of that some fractured fairytales from storyteller Bob Kann, balloon animals and other tomfoolery from Mr. Giggles, crafts and prizes and you have a complete evening of fun for the whole family.

Kudos to the library and their volunteers for a great event! A couple of other pictures can be found on the Flickr site.

Because I was at the Ball, I was unable to make it to the Inner Sleeve benefit, so perhaps one of my other correspondents can chime in with how that event went.


4 responses to “The Fairytale Ball

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  2. Glad that you enjoyed the Ball and thanks for your supporting the library. There are pictures of the preparations and the ball here.

  3. Thanks for the pictures and the comments, I think a good time was had by all!

  4. It looked like a good time but, I can’t get over the fact that they held slave back then. How could you ever celebrate such an event. Oh I see, it was fairytale days.

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