A Bit of an Extension

Catherine ReinkeThose of you who are regular readers here will probably think I have lost my mind a bit, and perhaps I have, considering how often I could not update here, but I have created a separate extension of the Wausaublog. It is the — Wausau Arts Blog.
I have been considering for sometime featuring people who make and do things here on the blog and have talked to several folks in the art world about getting together with them and documenting their work.

The reception to these conversations has been generally positive, in fact so postive, that I am moving toward working with artists in particular to get them some exposure to a wider audience than they can find here in Wausau.

Wausau provides tremendous support for the arts and it is a wonderful place for an artist to live and work, but still it is difficult to sell art in a smaller city, especially for those who are somewhat new. So, I have created a new blog which may, in fact develop into a series of blogs. It can be found here. Tyson Thornwall

It seems to me that the life of an artist will make wonderful blog “fodder” and I hope that people will appreciate an inside look at these talented people and their work.

One small note for those who might have noticed. 🙂 For the moment I am hosting the blog over at Blogger. Frankly, I hate Blogger, Worpdress is far superior. But WordPress.com has a strict “no advertising” policy and as soon as possible I want to have a way for people to purchase art work from these artists either online or through email. When that time comes, the blog (or blogs) will almost certainly move to a commercial hosting site, but until I work some of the kinks out, I will stick with a free host.

I hope that you will visit the Wausau Arts Blog often and support our local artists.


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