And the Hits Keep Coming!

During the summer I may have “complained” once or twice that there was just too much to do around Wausau and I was having trouble keeping up with it all.  Well, the activities don’t stop just because the kids have headed back to school, and this weekend was a good example.Fall at the Farmers Market

First, it is very important to know that the Farmers’ Market is not dead, in fact far from it.  The number of booths is as high as ever and those booths are still piled high with fresh veggies.  Yes, the fall crops, pumpkins, brussel sprouts and squash are in, but there are still plenty of summer eats like corn and tomatoes there too.  It may be my imagination, but it seems that there were fewer customers there the last two weeks, but maybe people are just waiting a bit later to go to avoid the coolest part of the morning.  I will keep going out there and getting one more bite of summer as long as I can.

Fall at the MarketAfter hitting the market we headed down to OctoBird Fest the annual family event at the Woodson Art Museum that ties in with Birds in Art.  OctoBird Fest is designed for younger kids, but is a lot of fun.  There were bird themed games that the kids could play and “winning” those games allowed the kids to get some bird themed prizes.  Throw in a singer (Todd Werner) and the Juggler with Yellow Shoes and some clowns making balloon animals and you have yourself a really good time.

On Sunday, unfortunately we did not have time to get to the Cemetery walk  sponsored by the Marathon County Historical Society, it looked like the most fun you can have in a graveyard, but we were already scheduled for another event. Penguin Toss!

Our 4-H club headed over to Willow Springs Garden to wander through their corn maze.  Going through a corn maze has become a bit of a tradition for our club and really is a nice fall activity.  Walking into the corn maze people just can’t seem to resist making “Field of Dreams” jokes, but it really is a case of “if you plant it, they will come.”

The modern corn maze is a technological marvel.  The maze is first plotted out on a computer and then mapped on the the actual field where it will be.  The tractor that does the planting in the spring is equipped with a GPS unit and it plants (or more accurately, doesn’t plant) the corn seeds in the pattern of the computer map.  The corn grows and voila! A maze!  It really is amazing.  A Mazing BarnAnd like the “Field of  Dreams” it is a wonderful win-win situation.  You hand over a few bucks that you don’t really need to a farmer who gives you a chance to feel like a kid again for a few hours.  A nice way to support local agriculture.

There is a bonus at Willow Springs.  You may have read in the paper about the round barn being moved, well it was moved to Willow Springs so you can see it there and throw a few dollars in to the kitty to preserve and restore the barn.  And just so I am not too one sided here, if you are on the east side of town you might want to head up to Wilkes Corn Maze, just north of town on Highway W.  Except for the round barn, everything I said about Willow Springs should apply there as well.

Awww, what the heck, go to both of them!  The weather has been nice and you can always use a few more pumpkins for Halloween!


2 responses to “And the Hits Keep Coming!

  1. I love a good corn maze! Got directions to this one???

  2. Yes, Willow Springs is on Hilltop Drive, which is north of Fleet Farm on K just past the Maine School. Wilkes is on CTH W just north of town. Have fun!

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