Peak Season

Ringle TrailThere are many of us who live in this part of the country who feel that fall is the best season of the year. And what is not to like about it? Warm days, but not hot enough to get sweaty, crisp clear nights. No bugs, or at least almost no bugs. Beautiful colors. And the kids are back in school. 🙂 Just a perfect time to get out.This past weekend we were out on the Mountain-Bay Trail. We drove out to Ringle and headed east to Hatley. Other than passing by the county landfill, this is a very nice section of the trail to walk or bike. And example of the scenery is over on the left. I was actually surprised at the number of other people out on the trail, I think I saw more folks on this section than the section we usually ride in Weston.

If you want more of a hiking experience than walking along the rail trail, one of the Marathon county segments of the Ice Age Trail meets up with the Mountain-Bay Trail just east of the county landfill. So you can take a little stroll on it as well. Near where the Ice Age Trail joins up there is a farmer’s field that is completely littered with glacial rocks and boulders, which is probably bad for the farmer, but a very nice way to teach the kids a bit about the Wisconsinian era of the Ice Age.

Or you can just walk slowly, breathing deeply of the crisp fall air and enjoying the colorful scenery. Either way you should get out before this year’s show comes to an end!


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