Friday Dudley 9/22/06

Well it is that time of week again, time to check the progress of the monument downtown.  Like me, the building seems to be growing out, not up at the moment.

On on an only barely related note, the Wausaublog does have a bit of an unresolved opportunity.  The Flickr page has a limit of 200 photos on their free account.  We can either keep adding photos, and the first photos uploaded from long ago will no longer be visible on the Flickr pages or I can try to find another photo gallery host that is more generous.  As always, if you have an opinion, drop it in the box below.

And here is the Friday Dudley:

Click for Larger Image


6 responses to “Friday Dudley 9/22/06


    I suggest photobucket

  2. Do you like Flickr? Does it do the job – well?

    Then why would you not want to support their good efforts and spend the $24.95 for a pro account and get more storage?

    This is commerce ladies and gentleman. If you use something and enjoy it’s benefits, then support it. That’s how community works, right?


  3. I guess for them, it is commerce, but for me, well, I am giving this away.

    Isn’t that how community works?

  4. I am going to go with Marcus. Flickr is a service, and if it works for you, it works.

    I compare it to shoes. I like my shoes, so I like to pay for my shoes. That might all be simplistic.

    Oh who cares. I have been gone for a week.

  5. This is why I have a community blog, I learn things from the interaction with others. You guys are right, if you something useful or enjoyable you should pay for it. You might notice a way you could do that there on the right hand side of the page. 🙂

  6. I honestly think that is a long time coming.

    Way to go Wausaublog

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