Getting Ready to Get Artrageous

Wausau’s big weekend is finally here — Artrageous Weekend! I am not going to talk to much about it, if you are from here, you already know what it is.

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If you are from out of town you can certainly get the scoop straight from the sources. Briefly , Artrageous Weekend consists of three interdependent art events, Birds in Art at the Woodson Museum, The Festival of Arts on the 400 Block and Art in the Park at Marathon Park.

Click for Larger ImageFor those of you planning to attend, I want to remind you that there is a free shuttle bus system that runs between the three sites. Find yourself a nice place to park downtown or at Marathon Park (the buses go to the museum too, but parking is tight there) and then relax and take the bus to the other venues. Also keep in mind that there are performing arts downtown, including a “Family” stage with acts for the kids and kids at heart. Here is a complete schedule of all the events.

Technically, Artrageous Weekend started tonight with a Kickoff Concert with Unified Soul playing. A few hardy souls attended. Was that some really cold air that came in or what?

Click for larger imageHope to see you getting Artrageous this weekend!


4 responses to “Getting Ready to Get Artrageous

  1. Is the reading list gone?

  2. It was 🙂 I accidently took it out when I moved all the sidebar “stuff” around. It is back now. Read away. 🙂

  3. I had a great time at artrageous. I didn’t buy anything, but I loved looking at all of the GREAT art!!!

  4. For those of you looking for a group of 10 to stay for the weekend- please check out Grandma’s House. It is a retreat center that can sleep 10 and has all the comforts of home! For rental information contact Diane Schultz 715.432-7381

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