Two Follow-ups

Affluenza CoverYesterday I posted about the book talks to be held at the Marathon County Public Library on Affluenza: The All Consuming Epidemic. Today I spoke with Professor Connie Sexauer about the program. It is a book discussion, so it is expected that people will have read the book (get busy — the first session is September 15th!).

The first part of the discussion on the 15th will cover the “Symptoms and Causes” of Affluenza, the first two sections of the book. The second part of the discussion held on September 22nd will cover the final section of the book, “Treatment.” Both sessions begin at 1 p.m. at the main branch of the library in the third floor meeting room. If you can’t read that fast or get a hold of the book that quickly, don’t despair, the two part program will be repeated October 20th and 27th.

And even if you can’t attend the Library programs, you don’t need to despair. UWMC is using Affluenza as the basis of a school year long program of both campus and public events. So there will be other opportunities to hear more about, discuss and think about the effects of materialism and consumerism on ourselves and our society.

Grass Point Dairy Milk at IGAAnd speaking of consuming…a while back I wrote a post about Grass Point Dairy, and after I did, I took a copy of the information to the grocery store I frequent, Quality Foods IGA in Scholfield. Low and behold when I went in there today, look what I saw there. So kudos to the folks at IGA!

I guess sometimes one person can make a difference.


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