Labor Day Parade Pictures

Editor’s Note:  Tom and I have had a spirited discussion about how to best present pictures on the Wausaublog.  We both feel that perhaps people are not heading over to the Flickr page to see the additional images that he ha taken.  So we ask you the reader: should keep posting images on the Flickr page or should we post all the pictures here on the blog?  If we post them here on the blog most images would be thumbnails that you could click on for a larger image.  Flickr is a bit easier from an administrative standpoint, but if people don’t go over there to look, what is the point?  If you have an opinion on this, simply click on the “comment” link and drop your comment in the box.  Thanks! 

Here are some pictures from the Labor Day Parade.  As usual, I’ll put a teaser picture here and you can head over to the Flickr page for the rest.

OK, I'm shamless, but it is nice looking :-)


5 responses to “Labor Day Parade Pictures

  1. Oh my! I am already embarassed! Look at the great pictures our newest resident, Debby Andrews shot!

    Welcome to Wausau Debby, hope you keep shooting wonderful pictures!

  2. On a flickr note, perhaps you just need to work your photostream into a more prominent location on the site? Right now when you go to the home page the photos aren’t even visible until you scroll down. That alone would draw more attention to them, I’d think.

  3. True…maybe I could rearrange the sidebar a bit to move them up, but I don’t think they would make it to the top. 🙂

  4. Well Andy, they didn’t make it to the top, but I moved them up pretty far!

  5. I like the teaser picture in the post. It’s attention grabbing, but doesn’t take up the real estate that posting all the pictures, even as thumbnails, would. Flickr is an easy click away for things that I’m interested in. But then, I’m a Flickr user so going there is automatic.

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