Friday Dudley 9/1/2006

Just felt a bit distant from things today…



3 responses to “Friday Dudley 9/1/2006

  1. You what would be cool, is if you would tell us from where you take the shot? Sometimes it is obvious, but like this time it is not.

    But this is my favorite Dudley shot so far.

  2. I juts found this page after i sent e-mail’ but I don’t know how and who is dudley? and yes this is a great picture.

  3. Dudley is Dick (or Richard) Dudley who is the financier behind the project. It was at least partially intended to “put Wausau on the map” and to honor his brother (whose name now escapes me). The proper name for the building is the First Wausau Tower. I would think that your son might keep you better informed of happenings around town here. 🙂

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