Spotted At Marathon Park

Well, I am not normally one to be a shill for a giant corporation, but this is kind of neat. The Budweiser Clydesdales are in town, they are going to be in a couple of parades around the Northwoods, including the Wausau Labor Day Parade on Monday. They have set up temporary quarters out at Marathon Park and I got a chance to see the giant beasts. Beautiful horses, really.

Here is a teaser picture, the rest are on the Flickr Site.



5 responses to “Spotted At Marathon Park

  1. I got some pictures of the blacksmiths at work, just for Dino, on the Flickr site! 🙂

  2. In 2006 there called Ferriers I think

    But I love blacksmiths

  3. Close 🙂 It’s farrier, and the Wikipedia does say that is considered a separate trade from “blacksmithing.”

  4. Actually he did get one, but not up close 🙂

    Clydesdales 1

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