Last Museum Show for the Season

You know that summer must be winding down and soon Camp Wausau will be coming to an end.  The Concerts on the Square have already packed their tents, and last night was the last Concert in the Garden at the Woodson Art Museum.

Kenny Ahern balances a ladderActually, it wasn’t quite a concert.  The featured performer was Kenny Ahern, who said he had a BFA (Bachelor of Fun Arts) from the Ringling Brothers Clown school.  Kenny’s show was part juggling, part mime and all funny.  A very nice way to end the season.

I am already looking forward to next summer to see who shows up at the various venues around Camp Wausau.  All summer there was more fun than you could shake a stick (or a picnic basket) at.  Thanks to the folks at the Museum, the Library, Wausau Events, the City Pages and many others who give us so much wonderful entertainment and fun things to do!

There are a few more pictures of Kenny Ahern on the Flickr Site.

And yes, that is a real eight foot ladder Kenny has balanced on his chin.  If you are wondering (as all the kids seemed to at the after show question and answer period) he does it very, very carefully.  And yes it does hurt!


2 responses to “Last Museum Show for the Season

  1. Well I’m disspointed I missed that one! It’s time for me to get an assistant so I can start having more fun!

  2. My assistant needs an assistant!! 🙂

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