Small Batch

So for the past week or so I have been eating my lunch from I have gone in each day, and had a great soup, or quiche, or salsa concoction…all with locally produced produce. It has been an amazing experience to walk into a business like that, in that location, and get food and eat it. To see something downtown with that sort of bravery, that sort of standing in the way of everything and offering an alternative.

Today I shopped there for groceries for the first time. I left with the staples of the vegetarian diet I am embracing, and I paid less for the food than I do at the big stores. I think I sacrifice things like big purchases…I mean at 29 it made sense to buy 150 dollars worth of whatever for two weeks…but I think the experience is based on small batch. Small batch growing, and small batch shopping.

I finally have a use for those canvas bags.


4 responses to “Small Batch

  1. Great post! I found this with the new Tag Surfer feature on WordPress. I just wrote a similar post about “Small Food”.

  2. When I tell friends about the grocery store, I always state that you can actually smell food when you walk in. (what a concept!) The aroma of the fresh vegetables and herbs are captured in the cozy space. Each time I go, I try to buy a little bit more. I am trying to wean myself from the larger grocery store trips.

  3. I generally only buy enough food for a few days because my boyfriend and I eat so differently than each other. I go into down town for many of my veggie and fruit needs.

  4. I’ve gone to DT Grocery most every day since it’s opened. Their fresh baked breads are my favorite. I feel sorry for the people who haven’t yet discovered this little gem. They are missing out on a great experience.

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