Asking For Advice

I have lived in NYC, and LA. Let’s start there.

Two days ago I was posed with a bit of an interesting possibilty. I reached out to some friends for advice, not that I was going to do whatever they told me…but I trust their opinion and wondered what they thought.

5 of the 6 people RAN from the idea of telling me what they thought. Instead falling back on the “its your decision” thing. I was shocked.

This has happened in Wausau several times. Now I am wondering what it is. Is this some northern European thing? Norwegians do not make declarative sentences?

I am declarative sentence guy. I say things, and I say them with my voice. I do not expect anyone to care, but I am going to say them.

I simply want Wausau to say something.

Declarative Sentence for today…I DO NOT LIKE COCONUT.


One response to “Asking For Advice

  1. That’s okay. More for me!

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