Frisbee Dogs!

Kudos to Wausau Area Events on a great series of family activities this summer.  The events I went to all had good sized crowds and the kids (and adults!) seemed to have fun.  You can’t ask for more than that for free entertainment on the 400 Block.

Bill Camp and Jumping Jack ManiacToday we had Bill Camp and his Famous Flying Frisbee Dogs entertaining the crowd.  The dogs were great and it struck me that everyone’s dogs could be so well behaved if people would bother to train them.  Although he didn’t make too big a deal of it, Camp mentioned that several of his dogs were “rescued” from various bad situations, and now they are chasing frisbees (and nothing else!) in front of a big crowd.  Your dog could do that too. 🙂

Here is a teaser pic, the rest are on the Flickr site.


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