An Unusual Review

So I thought we have seen reviews of airlines, tv shows, movies and meals. Why not review a surgery? Or a surgeon? Plus I drank coffee not too long ago, and am wondering why not.

About a week ago I had eye surgery. I have had a degeneration for a long time, my right cornea has been a problem for a long time, like 13 years. From what I have been told a pain in the eye is one of those maddening things, as the movement of the eye prevents proper healing. I believe that to be true, some mornings I woke up and could not move from the pain.

So as our treatment options were running thin I sought out the Eye Clinic of Wisconsin, and Dr. Hattenhauer. His father was also an eye doctor in Wausau for many years, and has a cool house over on Scott Street. One of those stories of a man giving glasses to the poor sort of guys, a father and son in health care, thats pretty neat.

Dr. Hattenhauer saw me, and diagnosed my condition again. Then is was off to Dr. Calvin Sprick in the Rib Mountain office. Dr. Sprick, from what I can tell is the laser king of central Wisconsin. Having nothing but a desire to get this over with, I ran to the office. Dr. Sprick agreed, and surgery was on.

Having overcome some hurdles from the insurance company, I was left with a date. I was also left with fear. I mean how does one operate on an eyeball? How do they shut off the vision of your eye so they can poke and prod it, and ultimately shoot it with a laser?

Well it comes down to valium. Pretty much it seems to me that all is possible with valium.

Dr Sprick and his staff gave me antibiotic drops to be using the week before, to ensure we got a clear start on the procedure. His appointment coordinator, Lee, was amazing. Calming me down as I got more and more high strung. Visions of dental tools, and drills in my eye dancing through my dreams.

On the day of, my thoughts could have not been further from what is the reality. First thing, surgery takes about 20 minutes. Jeez, it takes longer than that in the Starbucks drive through some days. It was great.

First, they put a hairnet on you, but I was bald, so that seemed silly, but it might have some antibacterial properties I cannot imagine.  So it goes. Then they take you into a room that is about 35 degrees. Four or five people around. Dressed in what can only described as clean room suits, like we have seen in the movies about computers.

The surgical tech who I thinks name was Laura, laid my sedated head on an inflatable pillow. Inflating it to immobilize me. How cool was that?  Then Dr. Sprick puts some amazing drops in my eyes. Numbing drops. And also pretty much killing all the vision in my right eye. Then they tape your eyeball in place. I want to type that again, they TAPE YOUR EYEBALL. Not your eyelid, but the ball. So it cannot move.

Then the scraping starts. First with a QTip like device, and then with a sharp metal poker. At least that is what I thought it was. That takes like 10 minutes, but who knows. Then they guide your head under a big machine, and are told to look into the amber light.  And KAPOW! You hear the laser, you do not see it. Then you smell it. There is no mistake what cooking flesh smells like. Then it is done.

The thing that I remember the most is that Laura appeared to lay her body over my hands. When I thought about it, that act was extremely comforting, and safe. I think there must not be many stronger impulses than to cover your eye with your hands.

I can say that I have been pain free for the first time in years. Dr. Sprick and his staff were amazing. I have had trememdous headaches for a week, making sleep a pain, but that is due to the fact that vision has not returned in my right eye, and my brain is compensating.

Thanks to Dr. Sprick.


One response to “An Unusual Review

  1. I have been thinking about having surgery on my eyes for many years…terrible visoin since I was atleast 5-what a hassle it has been for me…I to have a terrible thought of someone cutting away at My eyes…will I be given something to “settle” Me down before my surgery? Oh…I certainly hope so.

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