Hanifin Rolls West

A few years ago a local writer took our little hamlet by storm. CE Hanifin came to Wausau from Milwaukee, and Chicago, and freelancing, and Marshfield and the Gannett Universe. When she got here she went out of her way to celebrate local music, giving big attention to bands like Beyond Therapy, Buggy Whip, 60th Cycle, Fight Night…and so on.

For the past few years Scott Holt has been making the pilgrimage north to play his blues music here in Wausau. Two years ago Scott got the only standing ovation at Big Bull Falls Blues Fest. And he was not even the headliner.

Now these two musical titans are teaming up. Scott is on a western tour , and CE is along for the ride. She had never met Scott before this, and she had never really done the road thing. So she is keeping a blog site, with her trusty iBook in tow, she has started a blog journaling her time on the road. He big struggle is a search for wifi in the great planes.

I suggest that Wausau takes a look at a performer that has played here, and a writer who lived here.



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