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Spotted At Marathon Park

Well, I am not normally one to be a shill for a giant corporation, but this is kind of neat. The Budweiser Clydesdales are in town, they are going to be in a couple of parades around the Northwoods, including the Wausau Labor Day Parade on Monday. They have set up temporary quarters out at Marathon Park and I got a chance to see the giant beasts. Beautiful horses, really.

Here is a teaser picture, the rest are on the Flickr Site.



FCC Comes to Wisconsin

Dino found this notice and I agree with him that it is an extremely important opportunity to tell the FCC directly that we need more locally controlled media and that in this case we actually need tighter regulations to prevent media monopoly. Milwaukee is not that far away, so if you have the time, please do consider going — Bill

FCC Town Meeting in Milwaukee

Do you want more quality journalism? Are you concerned about the consolidation of media ownership? Do you think important issues don’t get enough air time? Is your community fairly represented in the media?

Here’s your chance to tell the Federal Communications Commission!

On Thursday September 7, FCC Commissioners Jonathan Adelstein and Michael Copps will be in Milwaukee, for a town meeting on the future of media. Members of the public will raise media issues with the Commissioners directly.

This fall, the FCC will consider new media ownership rules that will increase the number of newspapers, radio stations and TV stations that one company is allowed to own. There is no better time to speak out than now!

Event type:
public meeting

UW-Milwaukee Helen Bader Concert Hall, Helene Zelazo Center for the Performing Arts, 2419 E. Kenwood Blvd.

Spotted in Weston

OK, maybe sometimes thinking “outside the box” has its drawbacks…

Outside the Box Car

Unconnected Dots

So I was walking through Target tonight. Just sort of roaming. I needed razor blades, and they tend to be the cheapest at Target. In my head I just sort of allowed Target a pass in the anti-Walmart dogma I held onto. I was blinded by something or other, there was a real blind spot.

You see, I have railed against the box store for years. I do not buy books at Barnes and Noble, I go to Et Als books store. I do not buy music at Best Buy, I go to Inner Sleeve Records. I do not get coffee at Starbucks, I go to Jeannies. I do not wear Nike shoes. I sort of tried this life.

But honestly I failed. I engaged as a cog in the Economics of Scale. I bought the Veggie Pattie at Subway, when I fell of the wagon I went to Taco Bell. I own Fruit of the Loom underwear, and we can only assume some poor child is working for nickels a day, and making that stuff. I own a SONY stereo.

You know I hide that all in this sort of wrapped up version of the anti-corporate me. Ranting against whatever, chiding a girl I know for literally making her drive to NYC for a tour of the America’s Starbucks. I subscribe to a ton of Zine, leftie content…yadda yadda.

Vegetarian, not yet vegan. Thats me in a lump. That right there says all for me that I need to say.

Tonight I was walking around Target, and I saw they sold clarinettes. And other musicial instrumentation. I was exploring the cheap audio gear, as I have a bit of a jones for that (being a Sonic Youth fan). I called Bill, the editor of this here sheet, and he was in the middle of dinner (Sorry Bill), and he hit me with like three sentences of truth bombs. For whatever reason they hit me so hard. I think I went and sat down by the Target pharmacy.  (Yeah, don’t even get me started on the idea that those employees have oxycontin in the room)

These stores are not just benevelont forces in communities. They seek to take it all away from us. To create the service based city, where we all work there…and then we spend there. Little automatons in red aprons. Selling stuff, so later on we can afford to buy stuff.

They have CDs, books (bad books though so we still have hope), and drugs. They have co-opted the Pharmacy. And that lady in there sucks. When my brother was injured this last time they were the only ones open, it was the end of her shift…and she sucked. Sally at 29 knows my name, my brothers name, my parents names. She may not always be happy to see me, but she always pretends. This lady at Target barely gave me the instructions as she threw the bags at me.

I have been living a lie. Not shopping at Best Buy or Wal Mart is not enough. I have to actual go find the things I need for daily living. I need to buy from the producer, or at least a local person. I will not get into the media, I simply will not have that discussion…because as we know this city is not cranking out a lot of content right now.

So heres what I am looking for — and maybe you all can help me — these are some of the staples of my life:

I need razor blades. I use one of two razors, both Gilette products. Like my father, I want to make my razor my razor for life. My Dad had the same razor for my whole life. So, Gilette razor blades.

I need toilet paper.

I need paper towel.

I need lightbulbs.

I need CD-R. I go through about 100 a month.
I need Systene, and Refresh Gel Drops.

I like to buy socks on a regular basis.

Toothbrush, and toothpaste.

I like Dial soap, but again, is there a local alternative?

I need deodorant…boy do I ever.

Laundry Detergent.

So you intrepid buy local cats…where does a guy go for these things?

What about Car Repair? Sears versus the local guy?

Friday Dudley 8/25/06

Had the good fortune to see them putting one of the precast facade panels in place this morning, here is a montage. The originals are on the Flickr site.

Friday Dudley

Last Museum Show for the Season

You know that summer must be winding down and soon Camp Wausau will be coming to an end.  The Concerts on the Square have already packed their tents, and last night was the last Concert in the Garden at the Woodson Art Museum.

Kenny Ahern balances a ladderActually, it wasn’t quite a concert.  The featured performer was Kenny Ahern, who said he had a BFA (Bachelor of Fun Arts) from the Ringling Brothers Clown school.  Kenny’s show was part juggling, part mime and all funny.  A very nice way to end the season.

I am already looking forward to next summer to see who shows up at the various venues around Camp Wausau.  All summer there was more fun than you could shake a stick (or a picnic basket) at.  Thanks to the folks at the Museum, the Library, Wausau Events, the City Pages and many others who give us so much wonderful entertainment and fun things to do!

There are a few more pictures of Kenny Ahern on the Flickr Site.

And yes, that is a real eight foot ladder Kenny has balanced on his chin.  If you are wondering (as all the kids seemed to at the after show question and answer period) he does it very, very carefully.  And yes it does hurt!

Small Batch

So for the past week or so I have been eating my lunch from I have gone in each day, and had a great soup, or quiche, or salsa concoction…all with locally produced produce. It has been an amazing experience to walk into a business like that, in that location, and get food and eat it. To see something downtown with that sort of bravery, that sort of standing in the way of everything and offering an alternative.

Today I shopped there for groceries for the first time. I left with the staples of the vegetarian diet I am embracing, and I paid less for the food than I do at the big stores. I think I sacrifice things like big purchases…I mean at 29 it made sense to buy 150 dollars worth of whatever for two weeks…but I think the experience is based on small batch. Small batch growing, and small batch shopping.

I finally have a use for those canvas bags.