400 Block Rocks

It was kids’ night out on the 400 Block as the Mayor’s Youth Council put on their annual concert.  I have gone to a few of these over the years and some of the bands have been really wonderful.  This band is “Dunderchief” (I don’t make up the names, just type them!) and they really put down some great hard rock and power pop.

Maybe it was just when I was there, but the event seemed a bit sparsely attended.  I saw no mention of the concert in the Herald, there was a calendar item in the City Pages, but I didn’t see an ad or anything.  It would be nice if this (kind) of event was a bit more publicized, as there is not as much going on for the teens around town.  Families are well covered with the Concerts on the Square and many of the Wausau Area Events, and grown ups get the Bull Falls Blues Fest coming up, so more fun for the high school crowd seems justified.

And now, here is Dunderchief!

Dunderchief Rocks the 400 Block


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