Random Act Of Kindness

When you come from a major metropolis your neighbors are often just a passing blur and strangers rarely warrant a second glance. When someone looks like they are in distress you wonder if it is a set-up. To be cynical is to be safe. It is how we city dwellers evolve.

It is an interesting phenomenon when all of a sudden you allow yourself to slow down and the people around you begin to take focus. It is a process that I am slowly working through with high hopes that the transformation will be complete within the next decade or two.

Nevertheless, it is down right shocking finding yourself the beneficiary of a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS and it happened here, today, in downtown Wausau! And, even more shocking, this isn’t the first time the Wausau community has reached out to this poor, confused soul and offered a helping hand when none was expected.

So, I think it is only fair, that I pay homage to the good-looking teenager on Third Street who caught up with me to share his umbrella as I dashed for my car this afternoon in the pouring rain. Thank you, good-looking teenager. Your parents raised you well!

I would also like to thank the lovely ladies who gleefully gave their Woodchuck Bobbleheads to my boys who were not one of the first 500 in the park that day. Thank you lovely ladies!

And, finally, I want to thank the compassionate dog walker who strategically used my son’s foam swimming noodle to help me get a perplexed bird off my garage door track without injuring him. The bird food I put in the driveway and female mating call imitation wasn’t going work, aye.

Yes, these are small things but they were unsolicited and very kind. Although you certainly were not looking for recognition, please know that your RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS did not go unnoticed. I am glad to have met you and, although I might not remember all of your names, I’ll remember you as more than a blur because you went out of your way to do something remarkable. Thank you!

Editor’s Note:  No, Thank you, Jenny!  Of course the way we can all thank those nice anonymous people that Jenny mentioned is to “pay it forward.”  Go out and make your random act of kindness today!  And what the heck, while you are at it, how about a senseless act of beauty as well! 


2 responses to “Random Act Of Kindness

  1. The ‘pay it forward’ train of thought is great, and it’s good to practice. The hard part is that so many people, especially big-city dwellers, have such a hard time accepting kindness! There’s always a thought of “why did you do ‘X’ for me” or “how much is this gonna cost me” or other such feelings.

    Not only should you try to do nice things for people randomly, but try to be a little more accepting of people doing nice things *for you* also…

    I think we should all look out for someone else occasionally, not just look out for #1.

  2. Here is a great way to pay things forward — there is a blood drive happening at the Mall today. Traditionally summer is a time when blood supplies run low, more accidents and such, and less donors. Perhaps you might want to donate in the name or memory of someone you know who had surgery or an accident or otherwise needed blood at some point. The paper also says that the Rothschild-Weston Lions are hosting a blood drive from 12:30 to 5 at the Rothschild Village Hall on Grand Avenue.  So you can give blood at either end — of town. 🙂 See you down there!

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