A Day Late and a Dudley Short — Again!

Our very own multimillion dollar tree house! First Wausau Tower as seen from the river bank.

Friday Dudley 7/22/06


5 responses to “A Day Late and a Dudley Short — Again!

  1. Thats an awesome foto. That guy Tom knows his way around a camera

  2. Amazing what he can do with a $100 point and shoot!

  3. Some cities prohibit tall buildings near the waterfront to maximize viewing the water. Wausau puts its highset building on the river edge. Makes you wonder.

  4. What am I wondering about?

  5. Don’t know what you are wondering about, but I’m wondering why the river isn’t seen as a general resource for people to use — granted there is the slowly developing River Walk — instead of being reserved for a more select group. I’ve been asked by out-of-town visitors for directions to the river and the River Walk. It wasn’t obvious from the mall or the 400 block where the river is. I wonder if we shouldn’t make it more accessible to more people.

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