The Violent Femmes Rule

So I did that just to throw off the mighty editor, since there has been a sort of moratorium on Femmes posting. But I thought I would kick that in anyway.

But the Femmes do rule.

That being said, and understood by the thousands in attendance, I thought I would write a little about a meal I had last night.

A while ago my buddy Eric and I came up with a plan to get me out of my shell, my cloistered life, the “What would Russell Simmons do?” plan if you will. It came down to the fact that I had grown sort of stagnant, gained some weight, and was not feeling good about myself, and a lot of things in my life reflected that.

But Eric kicked my butt, and kicked it but good. Eric and I have not seen each other in a while, but I have kept up with the basic tenets of the plan.

One part of the plan was for me to eat dinner out, one night a week. To eat somewhere that there is a waiter or waitress, that there is no drive in. So I love you Taco Bell, but you get less and less of my business.

It was a great idea, because a big problem I have is a sort of social fear, the fear of the impending. I fear the event much more than what the actuality is. Like seeing my Dentist, Dr John Krasowski, I am terrifieid. But the fact is Dr John is amazing, and I have total faith in him — but I still fear every minute of it before it happens. Social situations are the same way.

So the meal plan covers two things, I am out in a social place (a restaraunt) and I am conquering the fear.

One of my favorite places to eat in town is the City Grille in the Jefferson Inn. Yeah, it is a gathering place for the beautiful people, but simply put I think that the city might need a certain celebrity class if you will.

The City Grille is a pretty place, with nice colors, good wall hangings, and great service. The waiters there are knowledgeable, and have opinions. I liken them to a craftsman, they know what is good, and provide it.

Last night I ordered an appetizer called Maytag Blue Potato Chips. It was amazing. To be fair, I could not tell you what was in the sauce, but it lingered on my tongue in a sort of aggressive but not wastefully spicy manner. You knew there was something in there, but it did not get rid of the other flavors.

Then for an entre I had…The Lobster Ravioli. I can hear some of you now…your a vegetarian dammit, what are you doing? Well, in all honesty from time to time we fall off the wagon. But for me it is a small sacrifice. Because the ravioli is a vegetable ravioli, and the lobster is a tail that I pack up and bring home to my folks.

The amazing things here is the lobster creme sauce, and pine nuts. I do not eat pine nuts, or really any nut very often, so when I do, I am always comparing it to the nut of my childhood, THE CASHEW. Well the pine nut for me almost has an aromatic quality, effecting the nose. It is amazing. That combined with a well prepared creme sauce, that is sort of the nice balance.

Last night the City Grille was crowded. But I was able to get a table for one easily, and without too much frowning from the host. I met and talked to friends, and made new acquaintences. I do think there is just a little too much “we’re beautiful” thing happening among the bar staff, and the patrons but I have said that if Wausau wants celebritites, than local celebs should act it. The people at the bar were clearly acting it.

It was a nice time, eating alone in the City Grille. It was really nice.


Mighty Editor’s Note: There was never any moritorium on VF posting, I simply asked if anyone had something else to talk about. 🙂


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