The Nicolet Water Bottle Extravaganza

Since my dismisal of the faithful but unhealthy and cruel Nalgene bottle I was given no real permanent options. The Illustrious Bean had posted her replacement, and they’re fascinating, but I have not gotten around to ordering one. So I was left out in the cold. I have embraced a new sense of health, and I feel that water is a big part of that, so I was left floundering. I learned that Dasani, made by Coca Cola, has added sodium. So you add salt to the water, so we maintain a level of thirst, and need more Dasani. Thanks Coke for being an evil friggin genius…you and Colonel Sanders.

So on this blog, someone commented on the Nicolet Water bottle. I want to first start by saying that my level of water bottle obsession is at least ten years old. I am not obsessed with the water, but the bottle. For some reason when I saw a Aquafina bottle at an AVP tour event I was touched deeply. I know I should really develop a life…but I bet we all have quirks.

So I bought a Nicolet bottle. Its a great bottle. A sort of medium sized bottle. Not the fully large bottle, which have seem to gone out of fashion, and not the small bottle that seem sized perfectly for individual drink sittings. The Nicolet bottle is somewhere in the middle. I assume that there is a local connection with the Nicolet name.

Its a great bottle. A real keeper for me, in all respects but a few. For me this bottle obsession was developed around the time when I embraced the Jansport Super Sac in college. For me, the bag was perfect, I still own the same one, the one and only. A gorgeously beat up blue one. It has been to Europe as my only luggage, it has been a bookbag, it is the thing I will carry when the world turns on its ear, like Mad Max and we are reduced to nomadic bandits.

So the Jansport Super Sac led to a few things. The medium Evian bottle. It fit perfectly in the side pocket. It was secure, and it was always right there. In the pocket on the other side were pencils and things, thereby making a perfect balance. Also with the Super Sac I embraced the Insulated Mug model. You see it now like crazy, the insulated mug dangling from the back of a back pack or laptop bag. I start that. Out of necessity, Jackie and I lived far from campus, and we biked in each day, so we needed to pack well, and a durable mug was a key device for tea with dinner.

I think we can see how the insulated mug led to the pretend caribiner, and the Nalgene bottle. Its an easy line to draw. Hitchiker chic. Phish concerts here we come, I bet.

Back to the Nicolet bottle. So for my daily life now I have made the change away from the Super Sac. I carry a laptop, and that is the priority. The Super Sac does not have a sleeve to protect my Powerbook (yeah I am an Apple guy), so I had to make a change.

I bought the timbuk2 Commute. It is a perfect tool for a briefcase option. And here is the rub. The Commute has two pockets on either side, that were clearly designed for water bottle storage, or at least that is what I see them for. And the thing is that Nicolet bottle is in fact just too big for these pockets.

What I found today that fit is a O Beverages bottle. I bought one of there bottles, and they fit nicely. They have a Pear design. Sort of bottom heavy. The issue was this, they sell flavored water, so I had to get rid of the water. But it fit nicely.

Its an ongoing saga about the water bottles. But were on our way to a new water bottle universe. I thought that the heights were cool before, but now take a look at what is next.

I hope the Wausau area is drinking water on this hot weekend.

Read Chuck Klosterman.


3 responses to “The Nicolet Water Bottle Extravaganza

  1. My Nicolet bottle which I bought I year ago and still has the label on it says “Something Special From Wisconsin” on one side and the other says the water “flows from a protected acquifer located deep beneath the Nicolet National Forest in Northern Wisconsin.” Since I bought it for the bottle I will leave it to others to decide if tapping an aquifer up there is a good thing. Also, I saw a webpage somewhere on the usage of Lake Michigan water which said that Desani was one of the leading users of Milwaukee water. As far as I can tell, Desani is filtered Milwaukee city water.

    Either way it is probably best to find a bottle you can live with and keep refilling it!

  2. I don’t tend to take water bottles along except when biking, so I’m content with refilling the various Dasani / aquafina / generic water bottles we accumulate.

    For carrying things that aren’t beverages, I use an InCase laptop bag. Looks good and offers a snug fit for my baby Powerbook.

  3. I looked at Desani in the store. They do not list a source for the water on the bottle, so I can’t say if it comes from Lake Michigan or not. But they do list SALT as an ingredient along with magnesium sulfate (yum!)

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