The SUNSPOT Wrecking Ball Returns

The awesome rock power that is SUNSPOT will once again return to Wausau Scott Street Pub on July 29th. Man, am I looking forward to that. SUNSPOT is a WAMI award winning band of the year, record of the year and party legends here in Wisconsin.Sunspot's New Album

Mike Huberty, the singer and bass player — pretty eyes, good voice, and the ability to rock your socks off.

SuperBen — the fastest fingers in SUNSPOT, thats for sure — married — though I think he kissed Mohawk Matt on the lips. Once lost his shoe on stage.

The Drummer is only referred to as EL CHAPOW!!!!(you have to yell it for emphasis) from the legend, she is a distance runner of some regard, a fan of photography, prone to bouts of comic book buying fever, with a real lust for all things sequined or regarding nuclear energy (you know its the cleanest fuel we have) deriding the solar energy people by saying: “IT DONT FUEL MY CAR, SO SIT ON IT POTSIE!!!”

But this wrecking ball of high energy rock and roll will once again burn through our town. I hope we live through it. Last time we lost a lot of good men.

But seriously, SUNSPOT is my favorite Wisconsin band. We had the lost weekend audio that no one has ever heard, some great podcasts together, an after party or two, some real snuggling and peeing in the yard of strangers. The drunk show, that was the best bar show I have ever seen of anyone.

“The cats in the cradle with a silver spoon, little boy blue and the man on the moon”


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