Lex Luthor: Freedom Fighter

So tonight, as I am cursed with popcorn farts, I thought I would imortalize the words of my buddy Sullie. It appears that Sullie is a closeted comic book dood…I had no idea.

We went and saw SUPERMAN RETURNS tonight at the Cedar Creek Cinema. First and foremost, I believe that Cedar Creek has the best popcorn, even during the week. The kernals are light, and not chewy, even at a late show. Though it appears to me that they hire ten year olds, and are competing with China for sweatshop supremacy.

So I cannot get into the film at all. I was most struck by two images…the first being that Superman actually had soles on his red boots. For whatever reason I had no thought of the Man of Steel needing traction. The second image is the headline at the end of the movie, in the glass case. It just sort of knocked me back, that someone could say such a thing.

After the movie, Sullie dropped a little knowledge on me. He said, and it was reinforced by this movie, that the primary activity Luthor was taking part in was showing us all that NO ONE should have unlimited power like Superman. That it was in fact a metaphor for the times, that Luthor was the social critic — no matter how demented — showing us, that our “Gods” of culture be they political, celebrities or sports figures, those symbols and people are not to be left unquestioned.

Superman is one man. An unstoppable man, able to impose his will with no repercussions to himself, no forethought. We assume that he is for Truth, Justice and all of that stuff but ultimately we take it on faith that Superman is on our team.

In the movie Luthor talks about how Superman is not much for due process, Miranda rights, or showing up to testify those pesky things that this country is all about. I was shocked to think about Superman as that sort of metaphor.

It made me wonder, who stands for our rights today? Who are the activists? For example, we look at Mike Wallschlager, standing on the triangle…direct action. Showing us that he does not agree with the war. Putting his literal skin in the game, he was assaulted, Putting his rights in the game, he was arrested by the Wausau Police Department I think.

Who makes noise in this city for us? Who are our advocates? Look at the staff at The City Pages. An independently owned weekly newspaper. Look at the work of Pat Peckham, actually doing research. Writing an article about Scott Street Pub, when the owner was clearly resistant to the whole thing.

Whose rights are important here in the Midwest? Abner Cruz, and the organization Latinos Unidos, the do outreach to the Hispanic community. Look at Peter Yang and the cats from the Wausau Hmong Association. They provide everything from Health Care assistance to cultural assistance to their populations.

What about the Bridge Clinic? I have no idea who the director is now, but man…HEALTH CARE for the uninsured. How great is that?

On a personal note, this week I got rid of my Nalgene bottles. The Illustrious Bean finally made an argument that I cannot beat back with iconoclastic crap. It simply came down to the concept of Domain over the earth, and if I care my decision will reflect it. Sometimes it becomes so simple. I wanted to thank the two bottles for being there with me for so long, but I fear that our time was too long. I did not know it was so very wrong. I will now begin writing letters. I am passing along these links. They are two differant reasons why we should not use the Nalgene water bottle anymore. I hope that Gander Mountain, REI, and all the big camping places will hear our voices. And get rid of the Nalgine.



Editors Note: In the interest of balance I will post here a couple of responses from Nalgene, and for the moment leave things to you, the reader to decide.  Apparently Nalgene does sell supplies to animal laboratories, so if you are opposed to any and all animal testing under any circumstances, then avoiding their products is certainly a reasonable response.  Here is what Nalgene has to say about animal testing.

On the other hand, the issue of the safety of certain plastics being used as water or food containers seems a bit more confused.  Apparently one study showed some increased risk from Lexan, but Nalgene says that the type of Lexan used in the (ah-hem) animal study, is not exactly the same as their bottles.  Here is Nalgene’s take on that issue.  I was unable to find any studies that replicated or refuted the first study.


3 responses to “Lex Luthor: Freedom Fighter

  1. I also noticed in Target that Nalgene is not the only company with Lexan bottles, so if that does concern you, they aren’t the only ones. Personally, I never buy water bottles. Nicolet sells bottled water in a tall 1 liter bottle with a sports cap on it. The bottle fits a bit snuggly into a bicycle water bottle cage and holds twice as much as most bottles for cycling. Last time I bought a couple of bottles (at County Market) they were about a buck a piece. Not bad for water and bottle that will easily last a couple of years. The only drawback is that the neck is much too narrow to put ice in the bottle. A little pre-planning takes care of that, fill the bottle about 1/3 full before you go to bed and stash it in the freezer. When you need it, top off the bottle for nice fresh ice water.

  2. Since I got some response…I thought I would remark on the Nalgene debacle.

    1. Dominion. If you believe that we as humans are allowed to test whatever on conscious, sentient beings…then I think Nalgene might be for you. The simple fact is they make tools for holding down animals to allow humans to perform tests upon them. I find that enough really. I think your actions indicate how you feel about this issue, and for a long time my actions showed indifferance. Now my actions reflect an awareness I hope to further.

    2. Health. While it is possible for all studies to indicate anything. For years the Big Tobacco companies had studies that showed smoking made us healthier, and increased the ever vital blood flow. What would we expect Nalgene to say…”Yeah its bad for you…but at least we can continue to build animal testing stuff.” I will err on the side of my health, and not take the chance.

    3. Nicolet…I think that these bottles are amazing. i own some. As a matter of fact I collect water bottles as a hobby. My prize being a Evian glass teardrop from france. My concern is the amount of plastic in the world. I am concerned that my purchasing bottle after bottle will only make things worse. Though I have replaced my nalgene with a very nice Nicolet Non Sports top bottle.

  3. Stephanie Zorio

    Good Afternoon From WV,

    Ah, the ever present argument against animal testing. It’s vital to consider what we’ve gained from it. So far it has helped us develop vaccines for TB, polio, and measles …etc. as well as treatments for cancer, HIV, and diabetes. Results from computer simulations cannot be the sole justification for use of a product/medicine/substance on humans. Testing on humans doesn’t seem to fit into our moral framework either. What is the best rational solution?

    “Human life expectancy has increased by over 20 years largely because of animal research. Further, life expectancy of dogs and cats is more than 3-5 years longer because of vaccines and medicines that were developed through biomedical research. To use the myriad of pharmaceuticals on humans without first testing in animals is not acceptable (FASS 1999; Olsson et al. 2003).”

    It should also be noted that animals used for testing are bred for testing (in the U.S. mice and rats make up the majority) just as we breed animals for food. I would like to assume that every person against animal testing is also a vegan, but that is as foolish as assuming that every person against abortion has adopted a child. Yes to humane treatment, yes to careful regulations. No to emotionally irrational decisions.

    I believe as the only known sentient species on our planet we have an innate responsibility to act as stewards of the planet. We are inherently no better then any other organism or more deserving of life, but overall there is a drive for self-preservation that ranges from the rudimentary tool-making of our ancestors to the sophisticated equipment and medicines we have today. Morals can only go so far in natural selection.

    Instead, let’s focus on the health and environmentally degrading issues of a plastic society. The plastic used for Nalgene bottles are at least designed for reuse. Your general bulk Aquafina bottles are NOT and leach dangerous chemicals at a much faster rate. Please don’t use the them! Overall DO NOT wash them out with hot water, this speeds the leaching process. This is a very interesting and pertinent argument that really extends into all parts of our lives. The cost of totally moving away from plastics is too high for most average people to consider. People shuffling back to their apartment after a long day at Burger King do well to buy some Ben & Jerry’s in an unbleached cardboard container. Will I hold my water in a leather canteen, or maybe a ceramic jar while I bike up a mountain trail? Until that day I’ll have to keep drinking milk from my poison plastic jug while I sit on my polyurethane foam stuffed couch that’s resting on the fume emitting PVC carpet. Money is truly the root of it all.

    Animals testing has allowed you to be against animal testing 20 years longer!

    Great blog by the way, found it by chance, witty.


    Other Info


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