According to the Herald, this year’s Marathon County Park fireworks are best enjoyed inside the park. I had my doubts about this, as I have been among the many, many people who seem to enjoy them from somewhere else.Fireworks!

In past years I have watched them from Rib Mountain (interesting, but too far away), Water Tower Park (unbelievably crowded!) and finally from the parking lot of one of the businesses along 17th Avenue (not a bad balance). When I thought of how many other people were in those spots, I hesitated before heading into the park, especially if everyone else headed that way.

Well, on Sunday night, I was not able to go, but my family went and they tell me it was wonderful. Arriving a little before 9 pm they were easily able to find a parking spot in the park and a nice place to sit. Although the kids were a bit bothered by the noise at first (a definite advantage to those further away spots!) they enjoyed the show enitrely. They especially enjoyed seeing the ground effects, which of course we have missed in past years. They had quite a bit to say about the “Cat in the Hat” effect and the “waterfall.”

So, I guess the Herald was right on this one, inside the park is probably the place to be — and you can’t beat the price — it is free!

Happy Birthday America!


One response to “Fireworks!

  1. Even though the Herald said the fireworks are best enjoyed inside Marathon park, I still prefer the view from Reservoir Park. The crowds where lighter last night than previous years. I guess the newspaper did its part in keeping people away, which is fine by me.

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