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Seen at The Scott Street Pub…

Mike Huberty’s dad’s underwear!

Scott Street Pub SpecialsAs Dino so accurately put it, the Sunspot juggernaut did hit Wausau on Saturday night at Scott Street, and I was lucky enough to be there and witness things I have never seen before (and some I hope I never see again).

Let me begin by saying, I have never been to the Scott Street Pub in my life so this was going to be a new experience for me regardless. In fact, since I moved back to Wausau, I haven’t really done much in the way of nightlife. Having 2 young children will put a tremendous damper on your social life. In fact, I was almost dreading the show, as it was beginning at a time when most nights, I would be soundly sleeping. But, I persevered, and made my way downtown.

As I walked in the first thing I noticed was the cross-section of people in the bar. From a pointy Mohawk to a mom and dad watching their son play in a band, to people I work with everyday, you couldn’t classify this group in any holistic way and truly do it justice.

The bar is an awesome place to watch a band. If you’ve never experienced that, please do yourself a favor. It’s an intimate venue and the acoustics are great (although ear shatteringly loud).

As I settled by the bar, the opening band, Jeff Gay and the Straights (I think) began to play. They had clearly already been in the spirit of the evening and 2 of their members had already decided to beat the summer heat by playing in their boxer shorts. I actually enjoyed their set, even though it’s not usually what I listen to. It was a lot of punk and ska type music, and far too much rambling between songs, but in the end, I really enjoyed it. It’s cool to watch people so into their music. That transfers to the crowd, and all has a good time.

Then it was time for the headliner. I was looking forward to seeing Sunspot again. They played a benefit concert I helped put together last year and Dino introduced me to them. They were all cool people and great to work with. Plus, I really dig their music.

Sunspot proceeded to play until almost 2 a.m. and from “Prozac Girl” to “Scott Bakula” they played all the songs I was hoping to hear and even unveiled a couple of new tunes. The bar’s small, but spirited crowd enjoyed every minute and was treated to one hell of a show!

By the end of the evening, there was no holding back. There were stage divers, sing-alongs and something that resembled an old-school burlesque show. That’s about all I can say though, because I seem to remember reading in City Pages “What happens at Scott Street stays at Scott Street.”

Scott Street Sign
I’ll tell you this, though…it made for one great memory, and more importantly, I think I’ll do it again sometime.


400 Block Rocks

It was kids’ night out on the 400 Block as the Mayor’s Youth Council put on their annual concert.  I have gone to a few of these over the years and some of the bands have been really wonderful.  This band is “Dunderchief” (I don’t make up the names, just type them!) and they really put down some great hard rock and power pop.

Maybe it was just when I was there, but the event seemed a bit sparsely attended.  I saw no mention of the concert in the Herald, there was a calendar item in the City Pages, but I didn’t see an ad or anything.  It would be nice if this (kind) of event was a bit more publicized, as there is not as much going on for the teens around town.  Families are well covered with the Concerts on the Square and many of the Wausau Area Events, and grown ups get the Bull Falls Blues Fest coming up, so more fun for the high school crowd seems justified.

And now, here is Dunderchief!

Dunderchief Rocks the 400 Block

Bonus Dudley

Just missed the red sky, but still nice.

A Dudley Building Bonus!

Friday Dudley 7/28/06

Got one on time this week. 🙂  This shows a bit of the scale of the project, notice the workers in the foreground.

Friday Dudley

Random Act Of Kindness

When you come from a major metropolis your neighbors are often just a passing blur and strangers rarely warrant a second glance. When someone looks like they are in distress you wonder if it is a set-up. To be cynical is to be safe. It is how we city dwellers evolve.

It is an interesting phenomenon when all of a sudden you allow yourself to slow down and the people around you begin to take focus. It is a process that I am slowly working through with high hopes that the transformation will be complete within the next decade or two.

Nevertheless, it is down right shocking finding yourself the beneficiary of a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS and it happened here, today, in downtown Wausau! And, even more shocking, this isn’t the first time the Wausau community has reached out to this poor, confused soul and offered a helping hand when none was expected.

So, I think it is only fair, that I pay homage to the good-looking teenager on Third Street who caught up with me to share his umbrella as I dashed for my car this afternoon in the pouring rain. Thank you, good-looking teenager. Your parents raised you well!

I would also like to thank the lovely ladies who gleefully gave their Woodchuck Bobbleheads to my boys who were not one of the first 500 in the park that day. Thank you lovely ladies!

And, finally, I want to thank the compassionate dog walker who strategically used my son’s foam swimming noodle to help me get a perplexed bird off my garage door track without injuring him. The bird food I put in the driveway and female mating call imitation wasn’t going work, aye.

Yes, these are small things but they were unsolicited and very kind. Although you certainly were not looking for recognition, please know that your RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS did not go unnoticed. I am glad to have met you and, although I might not remember all of your names, I’ll remember you as more than a blur because you went out of your way to do something remarkable. Thank you!

Editor’s Note:  No, Thank you, Jenny!  Of course the way we can all thank those nice anonymous people that Jenny mentioned is to “pay it forward.”  Go out and make your random act of kindness today!  And what the heck, while you are at it, how about a senseless act of beauty as well! 

More Pix

Tom has been shooting them and sending them to me, but I just haven’t had enough time to even post them!  Here are pictures from Wild Wausau and the library program on Tuesday and the Randy Sabien Concert last night.  Or, I should say, here is one teaser pic, the rest are on the Flickr site.

I have to say too, that Randy Sabien really rocked on the square last night.  All of the concerts have been great, but maybe he just got head and shoulders above the rest, a first among equals or something.  Or maybe it was just that he covered Mose Alison and you gotta love anyone who does that!

Randy Rocks!

Wausau Area Events Loses Another

Amy Altenburg stepped down what seems like a year ago, and one of her replacements stepped down this week. 2 in a year. My question is, how does this happen? What causes two supremely qualified, and quite successful women to step down from what is the greatest job this city has to offer? Is it not the greatest job?