Early Dog Days

You may have noticed a slight slackening of the pace here on the blog. It is tough to keep up with all the activities of Camp Wausau both as a participant and documentor, so I hope you will bear with me. Things are bubbling below the surface though.

Andy LaubAnd the community is growing. No, not Wausau itself, but people talking about and sharing the goodness of our home. A gentleman by the name of Andy Laub (or at least I assume he is a gentleman and that is his name) has informed there there is “Wausau” group on Flickr.

Andy has posted some really nice photos there. His are a bit more “arty” than mine and Toms. Ours tend to be more “snapshotty” or maybe on a good day, “journalistic.” Andy’s pix are very nice and will give you a new view of our hometown.

And hey! You could join in too! Get yourself a free Flickr account, join the Wausau group and show us all your photos! I know lots of you have digicams, so share your best or even your worst shots with us. The more the merrier!


One response to “Early Dog Days

  1. Ha, thanks for the compliments!

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