Teach Your Children Well

This weekend we visited one of Wisconsin’s great State Historical Sites, The Wade House. These sites are a wonderful reminder of how we came to be who we are… as well as some lessons that could be implemented in everyday life today. The pioneers did not have words for conservation, recycling and reuse- it was a way of life. Very little was wasted.

The State Historical Society has done a wonderful job creating living history museumsWade House Stage Coach Inn in several locations across the state. There are, of course, locally run historical sites as well. There are far too many children who have never experienced Wisconsin’s past, an art museum or the performing arts. Take time to teach your children! Check out these websites for more info:



Consider becoming a member of the State Historical Society. Benefits of membership include their magazine (a great read!), discounted admission and discounts in the shops.


BTW- Are you humming that song now?


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