3000 Hits!

I absolutely assure you that the Wausaublog is not betting on baseball, so if we keep it up, we will still be eligilble for the Hall of Fame! 🙂

Thanks for reading, everyone, I hope it its small way the Wausaublog is making our liveable little city a little bit better place. You can help, of course. You can contribute a comment or two and get involved with the discussion, the more the merrier.

But also, as we have reached our sunshine peak for the year, you can get out and about around town and take in what Wausau has to offer. We have a Whitewater event this weekend, there is a "Concert in the Clouds" at Rib Mountain Park on Saturday night. The Concerts on the Square kick off on Wednesday. Slightly further afield, the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair is this weekend down in Custer. I am sure there are even more things going on if you look.

But in addition to having a bit of fun you could also take a moment to make Wausau a cooler and friendlier place. Say hello to a stranger (I know you already do, you are from the Midwest afterall), don't walk by that little piece of roadside trash, walk to the library instead of drive or any a million other things that could make just a little bit of positive difference.

Lots of people in Wausau already do, which makes this such a wonderful place to be, but hey, one more thing won't hurt you. 🙂


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