Camp Wausau

Although I have been spending some time out of town lately, we have fully entered the summer season here in Wausau and that means tons of things to do. Every year I have tried to entice my brothers and sisters who live in the desert Southwest to come up here for a week or two during the summer. I tell them that coming to Wausau is just like going to camp, and it really is.

Of course, the house is just like a cabin, because the windows are all wide open. Air conditioners? We don't need no stinking air conditioners! Sweating through the one or two hot and sticky days makes you appreciate the cool dry air that sweeps in behind the thunderstorms that much more.

If we are living in a cabin, camp food can't be far behind. Since there is no air conditioner, there is no way I am going to sweat over a hot stove, so it is wall to wall cook outs and salads. Thank goodness for all those Farmers' Markets around here. But it not the cabin or the food that makes Wausau the biggest and best summer camp around. It is all the STUFF that happens!

Friday night was the Summer Kick-Off down on the 400 block, a wonderful family event with clowns, jugglers, magicians and what not. Six full hours of family fun!It's a jungle out there! Today the library kicked off their summer reading program with a petting zoo and animal crafts — you could even adopt a pet rock! Soon the City Pages 400 block concerts, the concerts at the museum, and city band concerts will all be in full swing (pun intended) to keep your toes tapping. The pools and splash pad are open, the city playground programs are humming, and who knows what all else (you can jump in any time here, Chris!)

Throw in an occaisional trip to Merrill or Stevens Point and you can probably find some kind of fun just about every day — for free! — between now and late August. Stay tuned here and you will find reports, comments and pictures from some of these events right here.

But in the meantime, stash your lawn chair in the car, grab your copies of the City Pages and Herald on Thursdays, and take in the best that Camp Wausau has to offer. Summer ain't long around here, but it is sure is fun!


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  1. It’s nice to hear it from someone else, too, Bill! With all that happens in the Wausau area there is no reason to plop out in front of the TV or hear the dreaded “I’m Bored!”

    Don’t forget about the hiking at Rib Mountain, Dells Of The Eau Claire and along the river. Grab your bike and head down the Mountain-Bay Trail or to Nine Mile Recreation Area. Take a ride over to Van Der Geest Dairy and check out the high tech part of the dairy industry.

    Check out Foxfire Gardens ( and Jurustic Park ( just outside of Marshfield. It’s a favorite trip for my kids- and Jurustic Park is a great place to buy a one of a kind gift.

    If you want to explore the state, check out the Dept. of Tourism’s site at Or if you are heading somewhere on Highway 51, check out

    As I said before it’s time to explore. I suggested finding at least 10 new things to do this summer. Make that list (or just make it up as you go) and get going! (So far our family has discovered Clark’s Island, the Marshfield and La Crosse Zoos, Chips in Marshfield and a few more items along the way.)

  2. See more pictures of Marathon County Public Library’s summer reading program here

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