Noticing The Details (or a walk thru downtown sans kids)

Tonight I had the pleasure of taking a stroll downtown without being hurried and distracted by kids. I had forgotten about some of the fun architectural details of downtown that give it great character.

I was surprised to see that The Mint still has green tile (that same as what used to decorate the front entrance) surrounding the back door. I actually asked to take a chunk of the tile home when they changed the front. The tile work along the north end of Third Street is fun as well.

Downtown needs to preserve its heritage and architecture. The projects ahead (Dudley Building, Scott Street and the new front of the Wausau Center Mall) need to consider the asthetics of the downtown as a whole. A mish mash of new and old is not condusive to creating business. A marriage of the two is possible and necessary. A great example of this harmonious mix can be found right in our downtown- ArtsBlock.



2 responses to “Noticing The Details (or a walk thru downtown sans kids)

  1. Hey! How did you get out of the house without kids? Oh Yeah. I was watching them. OK, I had help. 🙂

  2. What is the visual styling of the downtown buildings that we need to hand onto?

    Did you know that Mudrovich color matched, did quite a bit of historical work to tie the parking ramp the the landmark brick?

    Shame the landmark has 100 years of sun

    But what is the visual identity of downtown that we need to keep?

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