The Weston Dog Park

Looks like Dino's going to the dogs… 

So I wanted to say that last night I went to the Dog Park. I love the Dog Park in Weston. It seems to be the best thing a Municipality can do with their money and their efforts.

We're debating the downtown buildings, and I think about all the good things that are happening. The Dog Park being my flagship good thing.

When I was a boy, the dog park was a dump I believe. I think I rode my four wheeler there. It's like 20 acres of nothing. Just space. Space that could not be built as homes, so the city needed to do something. And now we do something amazing there, we spend our time with our dogs there.

Last night I was there with Hershey and Emma the French Bulldog. Hershey is a bit aggressive. Sort of nuts really. But the cool thing is this…Hershey calmed down about 45 minutes into the time there, and I took her off the lead, and let her run. She did so good playing with the other dogs.

There was a Spuds Mackenzie dog. Named Hemi. Hemi was sort of blind I think, or thought he was a ram. Because he kept running into me. Cute little dog though. Like a doggie body builder.

One of the best things is the long grass. It is pretty clear dogs love long grass. Heather and I walked along the path, and poor Emma was just dying. So we turned and went back. The majority or the park is totally uncut, and that is amazing. It makes it like the African landscape. More wild.

Thanks Weston.


7 responses to “The Weston Dog Park

  1. Totally agree that the dog park is a wonderful asset to the area. It’s an excellent example of turning “useless” land into well-used activity area. Dog lovers should be greatful to Weston and to the community individuals, organizations, and businesses who contributed.

    Make Wausau a cooler place? Take a lesson from Weston!

  2. I just imagine dogs laying in that long grass, telling dog secrets to one another, while the owners are none the wiser to the secret dog games happening.

  3. The dog park sounds fantastic! What an excellent use of land!

  4. Hey! I noticed that you have a Frenchie. Check out the website that I put up. We have a French/English Bulldog group that gets together once a month or so, and it’s usually at that dog park. It’s a wonder that we haven’t bumped into eachother!! Always looking for more little piggies to play with!!

  5. Ooops…here it is. and it’s the north central wisconsin french & english bulldog meet up. Check it out!

  6. Sydney (my Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler puppy) and I visited the dog park for the first time this evening. What a wonderful experience! Sydney and I walked the path around the park, and stopped to commune with other dogs and their people. At the end of the loop, we arrived back at the entrance area, and a number of dogs were playing there. Syd joined the dogs and I joined the people, and we both had a great experience meeting others that we wouldn’t have met otherwise. We plan on returning regularly. Wausau really should do something like this.

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