Love Those Veggies

I hate to keep harping on this food thing right now, but the last two books I have read have been food related, and now with the Farmers' Markets going and such, I guess it is on my mind. And now there is this, the Herald says the Farmers' Market in Weston is off to a slow start. And if it is in the Herald, you know it has to be true.

It did seem a bit slow when I was over there on Saturday. And it was cold…what happened to global warming, anyway? But I will say, the set up in Weston is very nice. The little park is pretty, the circular arrangement is nice, and the vendors, as always were very friendly and helpful. All in all a very nice place to do a little shopping on a Saturday morning.

The Herald story also lists all of the local Farmers' Markets, you might want clip and save it. We now have markets Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays between Wausau, Weston and Merrill.

Market PicMy last couple of jaunts to the markets showed the the variety of veggies is still a bit thin, but quite abundant. Plenty of makings for a great salad, with lettuce, radishes, onions and so on. Don't forget to grab a big bag of the sugar snap peas. These are really a treat. Buy them first and then you can crunch on them while you shop the rest of the market. The rhubarb, asparagus and strawberries are just starting to show themselves (yum!). There are a few greenhouse tomatoes to act as a teaser for what is coming in August.

One thing that is noticeable at the Farmers' Market is the range of veggies available is much greater than almost any supermarket, especially since we now have so many Asian market gardeners and farmers. So you might not know exactly what some of the produce is and what do with it. Obviously, I have this problem, I don't even know what to do with a radish! But there is help. Here is a list of fact sheets from the UW Extension. They are actually designed for the famers to print up and hand out to their customers, so if you know someone who sells at a market you might want to point them to this site.

To me, a vibrant local marketplace is a sign of a truly cosmopolitan city. It may seem ironic that famers in pickup trucks are what make a city great, but think about those wonderful travel photos you see from around the world. In there somewhere is always the local bazaar or market. So, make Wausau a cooler place by strolling around those farm booths, crunching peas and buying veggies.


One response to “Love Those Veggies

  1. I love the farmers market. I haven’t been there yet this summer, but I generally buy my veggies and fruits for the week there over the summer months when I’m able to. Not only does it make eating healthy more affordable, but it means that I am supporting the local guy (or gal)!

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