Summer’s a Comin’

Even though there is still a snap in the air, summer is definitely coming.  Peas are in at the Farmers Market, along with rhubarb, strawberries, green onions, lettuce and other yummy things.  It won't be long before the produce booths outnumber the flower and bakery booths.

Now, if someone just had a really good recipe that used radishes and green onions, which sure are plentiful, that would be fantastic!

See you at the markets! 


4 responses to “Summer’s a Comin’

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  2. Jeez, Bill-

    Why not a few radishes and green onions whipped up with a little olive oil and balsamic alone or spead over some some crusty french or italian with asiago or romano and broiled? Sounds yummers to me!

  3. Hadn’t intended this to be my first post, but it seemed a great opportunity to support Farmer’s Market sales! A handful of ideas culled some great chefs follow. Enjoy!

    Red Radish & Fennel Salad
    courtesy Food Network/ Jamie Oliver,,FOOD_9936_13695,00.html

    Radish & Apple Salad
    courtesy Food Network/ Rachel Ray,,FOOD_9936_19745,00.html

    Leafy Radish & Apple Salad with Poppy Dressing
    courtesy Food Network/ Rachel Ray,,FOOD_9936_26903,00.html

    Garden Pasta Salad
    courtesy Food Network,,FOOD_9936_32020,00.html

    Pea Greens Salad
    courtesy Food Network/ Adapted from Gourmet Magazine,,FOOD_9936_11070,00.html

    Carrot, Orange & Radish salad
    courtesy Food Network/ Tyler Florence,,FOOD_9936_27554,00.html

    …and for fun, although it contains no radishes or green onions, a flare of Moroccan for summer!

    Couscous with Apricots
    courtesy Food Network/ Tyler Florence,1977,FOOD_9936_27555,00.html

  4. Well, after being so severely chastised šŸ™‚ I am glad you jumped in there Eric!

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