Good News for Old Computers

Your Computer RIPThe Good News Project here in Wausau is sponsoring a computer recycling event. This is your basic double whammy. Not only do you get to dispose of your obsolete computer gear in an environmentally friendly way, but also the Good News Project is raising funds for their work. Totally cool.

If you don't know what the Good News Project is or what they do here is a snippet from their website:

Good News Project, Inc. is an interfaith organization of volunteers who share their time and talents with the people of St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Union Island, Dominica and Grenada in the West Indies. The first Good News group in 1983 consisted of five musicians. We have grown to over 500 members from 28 states and 7 countries! We're happy that this number includes many West Indian members who may work in their own country, or travel to one of the other sites with a group.

You can read lots more about them and their work on the Good News Project homepage.

Computer recycling takes place at the Good News warehouse which is at 1106 5th Street in Wausau. You can bring your old computer gear down there on Friday, June 2nd between 1 pm and 4 pm or Saturday, June 3rd from 9 am to 12 noon. It only costs 25 cents a pound for them to take your old boat anchors off your hands and save them from going into the landfill. A very good double dip, indeed.

Computer TargetNot to take any business away from the Good News Project, I do have to point out that if you would rather REUSE rather than recycle your old computer, they can even help you with that. Here is a nice photo gallery of some of the reuses they have come up with for those CPUs you have gathering dust. On second thought, just bring them down to the Good News warehouse on Friday or Saturday and everybody wins.


One response to “Good News for Old Computers

  1. What is that guy thinking…conservation through poundage…cant we sell the boxes to the linux community…let the free software movement have them first. See if some good can come from them

    Actually I have talked to Tom about this, and it seems like such a cool idea. Now if someone could do it for worn out mattresses. I would be in.

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